Experienced Creative Leader. Storyteller. Communicator. Professional Optimist.

Hey 👋 I’m Brandon – an award-winning Producer and Creative Director located in Atlanta, GA.

I specialize in crafting captivating stories, driving content production, and excelling in social strategies for consumer, lifestyle, and service brands. With a decade of experience, I’ve thrived as a versatile force in this industry, contributing to award-winning campaigns and bolstering the creative prowess of PR and Ad agencies such as Edelman and Havas.

Currently, I lead a team of creatives at Operation HOPE, a nonprofit organization that provides financial literacy and empowerment to underserved communities.

Honored to have collaborated and led creative with a number of brands like FanDuel, Yamaha, US Dept of Transportation, Dolby Sound, AXE, Olive Garden, SeaWorld, Arby’s, Cracker Barrel, and Nestle Boost.


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