This is BROWN® Studio – our small content/creative studio, ideal for your photography, videography, and podcast production needs.

Our space is conveniently located and fully equipped with all the essentials to bring your ideas to life.


BROWN® Studio is perfect for:

Content Production • Talking Head / Speaking Video • Photography • Podcasting • Post Production

Everything you need for content.

Perfect for talking head or small podcast production, with space and equipment to ensure that your content sounds professional and polished.
The lighting is fully adjustable, ensuring that your images and videos are flawlessly lit and customized to suit your desired aesthetic. As well as a wifi-connected speaker that gives you freedom to play your favorite music that sets the perfect vibe you need.

Our editing suite.

Equipped with an fully loaded iMac with the latest editing software, making it the perfect space for post-production work for your visual and audio content.
Edit your content in a comfortable and well-lit and controlled environment, away from outside noises and distractions.
Software included : Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Divinci Resolve
*Editing suite at additional hourly cost

Here’s everything included:

  • 1 APUTURE Amaran 60D II (with a light softbox)
  • 2 VILTROX L116T LED Key Lights
  • 1 SHURE MV7 USB Podcast Mic (with Desktop mic stand and tripod mic boom arm stand)
  • 3 lighting stands
  • 1 Black backdrop (9ft x 36ft)
  • 1 Mocha backdrop (53in x 18ft)
  • 2 colored (Sky Blue / Forsythia Yellow / Carnation Pink) backdrop (35in x 16.6ft)
  • 1 green polyester backdrop
  • Faux plants
  • High Speed WIFI
  • Clothing Rack
  • 3ft Ladder
  • Clothing Steamer
  • Sonos Wifi-Connected Speaker

Additional production rentals:

1 Sony A7iii: $182 each • Sony 28-70mm: $32 • Sony 35mm f/ 1.4: $80

We’re ready to have you. Book your time with us for your content production needs starting at $75/hr.